The Dragon & The Fisherman Longboard


SKU:   3305424

Skateboard Setup: Deck Only

Wall Hangers: No wall hangers

The Dragon & The Fisherman Longboard: Ride the waves of adventure with this bold longboard featuring a powerful dragon leaping out of the water and a fearless fisherman on the pier. Channel your daring spirit and conquer the streets with this one-of-a-kind board. Take the challenge and ride on!

7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck.

Shape: Longboard Shape
Size: 9.125 x 40.5 Inches
Concave: medium

Completes include Jessup griptape, silver trucks, blank white wheels, Independent bearings and standard hardware.

Wall hangers include two hangers for each skateboad for vertical or horizontal hanging, with screws and anchors.

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    4.0 lb

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